Drug and Alcohol Assessment

As a licensed addiction counselor (highest-level substance abuse clinician), I can perform drug and alcohol assessments. These assessments are required for several reasons, including DUIs, legal issues involving substances, employers’ requirements, etc.

The assessment includes a comprehensive substance abuse evaluation. A SASSI (Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory) will be performed. A breathalyzer and a urinalysis are also administered at the time of evaluation.

A biopsychosocial assessment is performed: family history, employment, mental health, social functioning, and medical.

A comprehensive evaluation for mental health issues is also conducted: PHQ-9 (depression) and GAD-7 (anxiety) inventories, as well as ACES (adverse childhood events) inventory.

A full written evaluation is provided after the process is complete. 

The cost for the Drug and Alcohol Assessment is $400.

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