Peter Lear Bio Pic Family and Teen counseling Boulder



I became a therapist because I’ve experienced the transformational power of therapy. I saw my first therapist in high school who helped immensely. Around the same time I took my first psychology class which I found fascinating. My parents called me the “kid psychologist” because I seem to have a gift for insight into the human condition.

I was born in Los Angeles, moved to New York City and was then raised in the suburbs of Chicago. I attended Pitzer College in Claremont, CA where I studied psychology and art. After College I moved to Chicago and Milwaukee to study music theory at the Milwaukee Conservatory of Music. Soon after I began writing, performing and recording original rock music in Chicago. I reconnected to my passion for the human sciences after working through some personal issues in therapy.


I received my master’s degree from Loyola University of Chicago in 2001 specializing in family therapy and psychopathology. In my first year of work experience I treated couples, and in another location children in a school setting. Later, I worked in a clinic specializing in cognitive behavioral techniques for adults. Three years later I became licensed and began working with families of children with developmental delays.

From 2007-09 I worked in community mental health where I treated children, families, and adults with a range of mental health issues. At this time I also developed a dual-diagnosis group for adults with addiction and mental health issues.

In 2008 I started a private psychotherapeutic practice where I successfully treated adults and teens. Also at this time I created an addiction management group for young adults whose addictions had prevented them from successfully completing 4-year college.

In addition to private practice, I work for Mental Health Partners in Boulder, CO performing clinical assessments. I’ve been teaching yoga part-time since 2007 and utilize these techniques to support healthy mental and emotional functioning.